Harrogate’s Award-Winning Park

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Restoration of the Japanese Garden
This project is led by Ann Beeby and Liz Chidlow.
The project is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

If you would like to follow the progress of this project, please visit Ann’s Project Blog.
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Main Contractors Onsite
The family firm of TWS Construction UK Ltd from Thirsk has been awarded the contract by Harrogate Borough Council to work on the restoration of the Japanese Garden.
The site is now fenced off and will remain so until the contractors have left the site as there is large machinery in use.
The contractors commenced work on April 24
th, and are making excellent progress.

General Information

The final plan has a few alterations; the stepping stone path was considered unsuitable for a public space and has been replaced by footpath gravel. This path is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs so there is now a turning area across the stream from the lower flat bridge to enable wheelchairs and large push chairs to access a different viewpoint.
The team would welcome anyone who would like to be involved with this exciting project. Please contact Ann Beeby at
ann.beeby@googlemail.com if you would like to volunteer.
If you would like to view the revised design you can download a copy by clicking on the image below.

Plan to A3 for printing

FOVG Community Involvement:
Harrogate High School GCSE Art Module on Japanese Art: On 19th June 2017, FOVG sponsored a Chinese Brush Painting Workshop for the Harrogate High School Art Department. Japanese gardens evolved in their design from Chinese landscape painting. Below are images of some of the art work produced. The teacher is Anne Allan. The students responded well to the workshop and FOVG are supplying them some brushes and paper as part of the project so they can continue to practice these new skills.

P6190049 P6190066

Art Class Students and Brushes Used

Teacher, Anne Allan

img119 img120

Preliminary and Final Piece with Camellias and Butterflies


Graham Hardman, the designer of the Japanese Garden in Valley Gardens, gives a presentation on garden design to the GCSE art students, with particular emphasis on Japanese Garden layout.

P5220051 P5220056


Grove Academy Horticulture Students and Staff Help Prepare the Japanese Garden: Early this year, from February to early April, when students from Grove Academy were doing their level 1 and 2 NVQ horticulture, they came into the Garden with Grove Academy staff to help prune and remove plants, including a huge clump of bamboo, which were in the way of a new path.

20170802_214033_resized 20170802_213956

20170802_213821_resized GRove Academy 3

JGP week3 Grove Ac20170208_1818_resized IMG_4356 Kayleigh 22mar'17 (1)_resized_1

P1020977_resized_2 P1020978_resized_1

In the Grove Academy allotment preparing the hostas

Help from Horticap: Horticap students helped out for two days during January and February when we were preparing the site.

Pasted Graphic Horticap 1

14022017 264 14022017 255

Japanese Garden Society Team Work on the Water Course and Create Rock Arrangements During May and June
These are all showing the JGS volunteers working on rock arrangements and the watercourse during May and June 2017. P1020939 (1)_resized

IMG_20170527_154308_401_resized IMG_20170510_232616_493


Progress on Site: Below are photos of the Japanese Garden and stream/pond area while under construction. To see additional photos, please visit Ann’s Blog or our dedicated Instagram page for this project by clicking this link:
Pasted Graphic 8_Instagram

Watercourse Under Construction
P1020453_resized IMG_20170511_234655_540
Liz Chidlow discusses the plans for the watercourse with
the contractor

JGP watercourse 201705165 (1) 20170721_151947_001_resizedProgress on Site

Paths and Bridges Under Construction

_JGP woodland path201705164 JGP woodland path201705166_resized
P1020987_resized_2 P1030043_resized_2
P1030169_resized Johnny Clasper's stream replacement to the drain from the skate board park. Liz discussing the watercourse with the contractors,and Jonny working to improve the weir.

Johnny Clasper Working on the Weir and his Beautiful “Stream”

P1030159_resized P1030175_resized