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Restoration of the Green Park (Harlow Moor Drive) Entrance and Creation of the King Edward VIIth Memorial

Current Status: The fund raising is in progress and applications have been lodged for the £60K that is needed to refurbish the entrance and railings and install the King Edward VIIth Memorial Gates at the Green Park Entrance.
The Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation has awarded £10,000 towards the project. Also, FOVG are delighted to have received Grants from the Ironmonger’s Company and The Garfield Weston Foundation to help further this project.

General Information
The entrance to Valley Gardens on the south east side was originally marked with two stone pillars which had been relocated from Prospect Gardens in the centre of Harrogate when the War Memorial was created in 1923. Only one pillar now remains at the entrance, the other having been damaged beyond repair by vehicle impact; the railing to either side of the entrance had long since been removed. Making a new pillar to match the remaining one was explored but the cost of carving a new matching stone capital was found to be prohibitively expensive. Alternatives were therefore sought.

Entrance with Two Pillars

The Entrance Today

Proposed New Entrance
Pasted Graphic
Artist's Impression King Edward VII Memorial Gate

Press Release
The Friends Of Valley Gardens are currently fund raising for their latest project to refurbish the secondary entrance to the Valley Gardens opposite the junction of Valley Drive and Harlow Moor Drive. 

The refurbished entrance will be known as the King Edward VII Memorial Gate. The Friends have been fortunate to acquire the gates and pillars previously forming the entrance to the former Rose Garden on Kings Road. The Rose Garden was removed in the early 1990s to allow for the expansion of the town's conference facilities. 

The project, for which planning permission has been granted by Harrogate Borough Council and North Yorkshire Count Council, will be completed with the planting of a new rose garden celebrating the end of world wars. To reflect the ending of WWI we will plant a mixture of Tommy's Rose and Flanders Field Rose and for WW II, Peace Rose. The Memorial Rose Garden will commemorate the centenary of the ending of WWI on 11 November 2018.

The project is expected to cost £60,000. Already £33,000 has been raised, from grants and fund raising events. The remainder will be raised by applying for further grants, by opening the Old Magnesia Well Pump Room in the Valley Gardens as an Information and Exhibition Centre on the first and third Sundays of the month and by holding the annual very popular 1940s Open Day on Sunday 18 June. In addition the Friends can offer guided tours of the Valley Gardens for adults and children promoting the Spa Heritage of this unique Grade II listed park.

For further information please contact Jon Iddon or Steve Watkinson (Publicity Officers) at
stevenjon5@hotmail.com or visit our website www.friendsofvalleygardens.co.uk. If you wish to donate please contact Jane Blayney (Chairman Friends Of Valley Gardens) jane.blaney23@gmail.co 

Please click here to view the approved Planning Application submitted to HBC for this project.